Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heritage and the Arts at the Oswego County Fair...

Our latest tour led us to the 2010 Oswego County Fair in Sandy Creek, N.Y. where we had a wonderful opportunity to view our heritage through the arts. A local artisan and Army veteran, Harold Hubbard displayed his Indian Head Collection with the Lakeshore Hardwoods exhibit in the Heritage Building. For those interested in learning more about local history, the site is a must-see for information, guidance and a ‘trip down memory lane’. A very special thank you goes out to Harold for sharing his time and story with us.

He was born in Alexandria Bay in 1920 and moved to the Pulaski area as a child. A graduate of Pulaski Academy and Central School, Harold was a career toolmaker. He began his trade with New York Airbrake in Watertown, and eventually opened up his own shop in the hamlet of Port Ontario. The Bud Air Company made pruning equipment for fruit farms all over the country.

Harold sold the business thirty years later and began a colorful retirement with his bride Marge. They kept busy in their travels; however, Harold was looking for something to do when they were home. That’s when he discovered his talent for woodcarving.

A self-taught craftsman, Harold began with relief woodcarving, eventually moving on to “in the round” and then to chip carving. On comparing his tool-making career to his craft, Harold said with laugh, “Wood is easier, and cleaner on the fingers.”

Here are some pictures of Harold Hubbard and his Indian Head Collection at the 2010 Oswego County Fair:

Harold began his Indian Head Collection a few years ago to illustrate different types of wood. The 60-piece set is carved from native trees as well as timbers from around the world that he found at Lakeshore Hardwoods, a local haven for woodworkers. The woods include: butternut, eucalyptus, mahogany, purpleheart, and Spanish cedar. Each piece is a natural beauty, with only a clear finish to give it shine.

These are some of the woods and projects that you’ll find at Lakeshore Hardwoods:

To see Harold’s Indian Head Collection or to start your own woodworking project, visit Lakeshore Hardwoods in Pulaski. For directions, go to For more wood crafts, visit the Pulaski Farmers’ Market every Friday night throughout the summer. You’ll find interesting pieces, displays and your own starter woodcarving kit at the market in the South Park on U.S. Route 11.

To learn more about your own heritage, visit your local historical society. For a complete list of museums and societies in Oswego County, go to



Anonymous said...

Well done! Harold is a true craftsman and a gentlemen. He is so very modest about the talent he has....

Anonymous said...

I believe Harold Hubbard used to be Town assessor for Richland, Sandy Creek or Redfield - I used to do tax mapping for Oswego County many years ago and he was one of the cheeriest fellows I had the pleasure of working with.

---sue hawkins