Thursday, October 23, 2008

A trail by another name...

We have taken advantage of the spectacular fall season to explore different types of trails.

One of our adventures took us to the Greco Family Farm and Orchard to search for buried treasure in their 5-acre corn maze. New to the farm this year, it is a seasonal must-do for children of all ages, including those that are simply young-at-heart.

Straight away, we learn that the dreaded pirate Captain Corn Alias Copperpot has hidden five treasures in the cornfield and we are off through the labyrinth to seek our fortunes.

All is quiet and still, save for the rustling cornstalks and the beat of our own hearts as we circle round and round in an intricate web of wrong turns and dead-ends. Still, we continue our pursuit through the tangle of twists, determined not to leave empty-handed. We search near and wide, enjoying the thrill of the hunt as much as the prizes captured. Ultimately, we discover the end of the maze before we can find all of of the secreted possessions.

Here is a glimpse of our quest, including the real treasures of the farm:

A quintessential farm market and orchard, Greco’s Farm is a terrific place to celebrate the autumn season. Spend the day picking over 50 varieties of apples and pears or choosing the perfect pumpkin to make a jack-o'-lantern. Visit the farm animals in the petting zoo, enjoy haywagon or pony rides and browse farm fresh products in the country store.

The Greco Family Farm and Orchards is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. throughout the month of October and will continue with limited hours in November. The farm is located on West Fifth Street Road just 5 miles outside of Oswego, New York. For more information, visit or call 315/216-4180.


Friday, October 17, 2008

The stage is set for laughter…

As the SUNY Oswego Theatre Department begins its new season, a talented group of aspiring thespians take the stage in Tyler Hall's Waterman Theatre to bring George E. Kelly’s “The Torch Bearers” to life.

Set in small-town America, the play offers us a glimpse of community theatre during the early 1920s. Mrs. Pampinelli, the narcissistic and grandiose directress, leads an awkward troupe of amateur actors as they attempt to stage a small play. After a disastrous rehearsal, the show goes on with hysterical results, including missed cues, forgotten lines, jammed doorknobs and collapsed sets.

The brilliantly animated performances hold the audience captive. The physical comedy is exquisitely choreographed to carry off the tumbles, stumbles and near misses. We watch in awe; in turn holding our breath for the moments of potential injury or laughing out loud in relief when they are avoided. Through our own amusement, it is plain to see that the performers are having great fun as well.

Here are images of the show, courtesy of Jon Vermilye and the SUNY Oswego Theatre Department:

The SUNY Oswego Theatre Department provides cultural programming on the campus for students and community residents alike. Theatrical productions include both classic and contemporary works as well as innovative and original shows. For more information about the department or for a list of upcoming shows, visit

“The Torch Bearers” will continue this week-end with shows at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and a 2:30 p.m. matinee on Sunday. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for seniors and students. The play is suggested for ages 12 and older. For more information or to reserve your tickets, call the Tyler Box Office at 315/312-2141 or email


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Break Out of Your Routine…

With the academic year in full swing at SUNY Oswego, the ARTSwego Performing Arts Series has launched their 2008-2009 season. We recently attended the opening performance of “Rome & Jewels” by Rennie Harris Puremovement.

A bold and provocative production, the show illustrates the dark rivalry of B-boys and hip-hop street gangs. As the fog rolls over the audience, we are filled with anticipation for what is to come.

“Rome & Jewels” is progressive and dramatic storytelling. Shakespearean verses are juxtaposed with Ebonic sonnets to create contemporary poetry on stage. It is Romeo and Juliet meets West Side Story on the urban streets of today. We witness the struggles of our protagonist as he comes to terms with his destiny, and we are reminded that violence begets violence.

The show is infused with dynamic music and features incredible dance moves. The exuberance of the artists permeates the theater and the audience soon becomes a lively part of this high-energy performance.

The images below appear courtesy of ARTSwego and Rennie Harris Puremovement:

Committed to artistic excellence, ARTSwego presents diverse cultural programming for campus and community residents. This includes a Performing Arts Series, a Writing Arts Program, the Ke-nekt’ Chamber Music Series, selected gallery exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and movie screenings.

For more information about ARTSwego programming, call 315/312-4581. For a complete arts calendar listing, visit


Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the trail back home…

Our hometown friends have been following our trail adventures and invited us to join them on one of their own. A special thanks to our friend Jan for the guided tour!

The Pulaski Recreation Trail is a little gem in the great outdoors! An easy hike, the path stretches for nearly a mile (or a full mile, including the walk from the main road). We discovered wild blueberry and elderberry bushes on the edge of the footpath. Part of the trail follows alongside the Salmon River, providing hikers with picturesque views during their trek. For those looking for a bit of respite, trail-side benches offer a serene place for reflection. In the fall, these peaceful sites become exciting vantage points offering spectators river-side seats to the adventure of sportfishing!

Here are some of our views:

The Pulaski Recreation Trail runs along the perimeter of the John Ben Snow Community Complex in the quaint village of Pulaski, New York. Located just off Maple Avenue Extension, this recreation area hosts the John S. Haldane Memorial Arena Center, a skateboard park, a playground and several sporting fields.

For information about this multi-use facility, call 315/298-5174. To learn more about the Pulaski area, call the Pulaski/Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce at 315/298-2213 or visit