Thursday, October 2, 2008

On the trail back home…

Our hometown friends have been following our trail adventures and invited us to join them on one of their own. A special thanks to our friend Jan for the guided tour!

The Pulaski Recreation Trail is a little gem in the great outdoors! An easy hike, the path stretches for nearly a mile (or a full mile, including the walk from the main road). We discovered wild blueberry and elderberry bushes on the edge of the footpath. Part of the trail follows alongside the Salmon River, providing hikers with picturesque views during their trek. For those looking for a bit of respite, trail-side benches offer a serene place for reflection. In the fall, these peaceful sites become exciting vantage points offering spectators river-side seats to the adventure of sportfishing!

Here are some of our views:

The Pulaski Recreation Trail runs along the perimeter of the John Ben Snow Community Complex in the quaint village of Pulaski, New York. Located just off Maple Avenue Extension, this recreation area hosts the John S. Haldane Memorial Arena Center, a skateboard park, a playground and several sporting fields.

For information about this multi-use facility, call 315/298-5174. To learn more about the Pulaski area, call the Pulaski/Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce at 315/298-2213 or visit



Anonymous said...

What a great review of the trail. Join us New Year's Day for a walk from the courthouse to the trail, around the trail and back. This is our third year that we're having a New Year's walk. Great way to start the new year.

Laurie said...

Great article and photos. You have inspired me to take a break and enjoy the lovely fall scenery we have here in Oswego County.